Course introduction
Business training
Office workers and professional managers are very busy, so, in order to prevent this from becoming a burden to learning, we carefully tailor the course for you and prepare a more flexible one-to-one teaching plan. Taking into consideration your time and needs, provide you with the most professional teachers, whether to be sent to your company, or in our classrooms to meet your needs. Course curriculum and class times are arranged with the student and their teacher to help you make the most effective progress.
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In a global and competitive business arena, it is not enough to have general English conversation skills! For business students, a series of contextual courses, including international etiquette, professional vocabulary, and negotiation skills, have been integrated to enable students to make the best drills for possible situations in advance. The lively but professional course content will help to improve the students' understanding of English in the professional field and help to deepen the use of correct vocabulary.

Presenting a rapidly changing business environment with real business themes, the topics of the course include workplace activities, sales, business culture and other topics, you can learn English required for your work, and practice its application in the actual workplace. Diversified practice theme exercises, are comprehensive to help improve business ability, to be no longer afraid to engage with foreign customers. Textbooks with graphics, and a learning focus to include workplace common topics discussion, problem response, grammar concepts, vocabulary practice, etc. Finally, contextual oral expression exercises for learners to have different drills have a complete concept of the content of the class.
1. Commercial English Course 2. Interview Work 3. English Briefing 4. English Letter 5. Contract Negotiation 6. Market Research 7. Visiting Company 8. Research and Development Discussion 9. Technology Transfer 10. Participation in English Conversation 11. Bargaining Order 12. Advertising Project 13. Promotions 14. Public Relations 15. Setting up booths 16. Introducing products 17. Asking prices 18. Requesting samples 19. Crisis management 20. Customs clearance