Course introduction

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Introduction to the TOEIC test
 The TOEIC test is designed by non-native English speakers as a English proficiency tests. The test scores reflect the level of familiarity of the subject in communicating with others in an international workplace environment. You do not need to have professional knowledge or vocabulary to participate in this test, because the test content is based on daily English usage. The multi-test is the world's top exam in the English proficiency test based on the workplace. More than 4,000 companies worldwide use the multi-test, and in recent years there have been more than two million candidates.

Educational Testing Service (ETS) specializes in teaching assessment and testing psychology and education policy research. In 1979, the agency developed a multi-test at the request of Japanese business leaders. Over the years, the TOEIC test has been implemented in many countries and has quickly become an international standard for workplace English proficiency testing.

This test is mainly used to test the ability of non-native English speakers to use English in an international business environment. It has been adopted by global multinational corporations. Its scores can be used as a standard for evaluating training results, selecting employees for overseas training, recruiting staff, and for internal promotions. It can also be used as proof of English proficiency when entering and applying for a job.

The multi-test provides a fairly convincing test of language proficiency. According to a large number of studies, the scores of the multi-test scores are quite strongly correlated with the scores of other English proficiency tests, which means that the multi-test results are a valid English proficiency test data. If you need more information about the reliability and validity of the multi-test, refer to the multi-test technical manual.