Course introduction
Phonics Class
The design of the textbook is for beginners and all students who want to learn natural pronunciation and want to speak beautiful English. Different from the general pronunciation textbook content, as beginners can feel frustrated by complicated rules. This book summarizes practical natural pronunciation rules in the most simple and easy-to-understand way, and provides rich exercises and introductions with KK phonetic symbols. The relationship between the word group and the phoneme.
  •  The pronunciation of 26 letters must be done correctly before Alphabet
  •  Short vowel pronunciation learning. Short Vowel 1
  •  Long vowel pronunciation learning Short Vowel 2
  •  Practice of vowel group Long Vowel 1
  •  Exercise of the sub-word group Long Vowel 2
  •  Stress and sound skills
  •  How to divide the syllable
  •  Multi-syllable word practice
  •  Regular practice of natural pronunciation
  •  How to divide syllables with multi-syllable word practice
  •  Common roots